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Hair Removal

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Here at Touches Beverley does not take any risks with cross infection and it is for this
reason that the PhD hygienic and Austrailian Bodycare are the waxing systems used.
"No pot wax to cause cross infection"
Using a seperate application head for each client ensuring clean application, with
a choice of waxes for individual skin and hair types.
Before your waxing treatment commences your skin and hair type are analysed
to ensure the correct wax is chosen to give you the most comfortable and best results.

The use of an electrical impulse sent down a sterile probe placed into the
individual hair follicle to reduce the growth of unwanted hair, the growth
reduces each time this process is performed.
15 min session £12 - 30 min session £20


Full Leg up to bikini line
Half leg to the knee
Standard bikini to pant line
Extended bikini above the pant line with top tidy
Brazilian bikini centre strip remains
Playboy bikini top triangle or strip remains
Hollywood bikini everything removed
Back neck to back base
Chest neck to lower abdomen
Eye brows  
Upper lip  

PLEASE NOTE : After your hair removal treatment the treated area may be slightly sensitive.
You may also notice red areas where the hair follicle has reacted to the hair being removed,
this is called the "plucked chicken effect" Advice is given to reduce this and any extended irritation by avoiding
tight clothing, hot baths, deodorants, perfumes, sun exposure, excess heat, body sprays, tanning products
and other hair removal treatments that may border on the newly waxed area for 48 hours.

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