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Established in 1992 by Beverley
(Ad.arom, Ad.reflex, F.A.S.C., Ad.c.m.a., Sp.I., M.B.S.Y., A.M.I.H., A.M.A.N.F.,, B.f, Col.)

Registered with British School of Yoga, Regent Academy,
British Associated Stress Consultants, Midland Institute of Hypnotherapy
and New Age Foundation.

Beverley is one of the countries most qualified therapy consultants and has studied
the physical and emotional aspects of the human body since 1982. As a young adult
Beverley suffered with severe attacks of eczema, unable to find a remedy she
studied the art of Aromatherapy and went on to research many skin disorders and
common ailments then began blending her own products using essential oils, plant
extracts and other only natural ingredients, none of which are tested on animals.
This has developed over the years into a wide range of natural products to assist
with most common ailments, a personal blending service for the individual
requiring a more personal blend alongside an Organic Beauty Collection
comprising of beauty products for use with all skin types; even the most sensitive.

Researching the effects that stress and emotions have on our physical well being
and the bodies natural healing process, Beverley began using Stress counselling and
Hypnotherapy to enhance emotional balance alongside massage to improve the
muscular and skeletal structure, whilst removing toxins from the system,
Reflexology to improve performance of the inner organs enhancing the digestive
system, boosting the immune system whilst releasing the body's natural pain killing
agents. Studying diet and nutrition to attain more knowledge of the digestive system
because of it's link with the immune system, she found many foods aggravated
certain ailments, inhibited the immune system and slowed down the body's natural
healing process. Beverley found that toxins left in the body canlead to low energy
levels causing a lack of interest in daily lives, this then affects confidence and
unless dealt with can cause illness and depression.

At the age of 18 Beverley became the Midlands first female body building champion
and has spent many years as a fitness instructor, studying sports injury treatment
and various fitness programs in her search for the ultimate mind and body
performance. She also teaches Hatha Yoga to improve the performance of the body
and uses relaxation techniques to enhance emotional balance that will assist
the mind to function clearly and the body to retain control even whilst
during the most stressful conditions.

Beverley, a highly qualified beauty consultant, is the owner of
Tranquil Touches Health & Beauty Garden Spa
providing a wide range of beauty treatments along with mind and body therapies,
not only to enhance the physical body but to boost confidence levels, and to relax
and calm the mind, body and soul. Whether by general chatting during treatments
or deeper therapy sessions, the aim is to assist people to discover a relaxed and
balanced lifestyle that will help relieve and banish chronic ailments, enabling people
to take control of their lives realising their full potential with enjoyment.

Email: --------Find us on: www.facebook/Touchesbeauty
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